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About Me

What others are saying about Haley Slamon:

Haley Slamon is a young artist and musician who recently moved from San Francisco to Denver. She grew up surrounded by music and was singing and attending Bay Area Theatre Camps like Stagedoor Conservatory from a very young age.  Haley continued her musical studies from elementary through High School and into college. She was an active band member, playing trumpet and singing jazz tunes in middle school. She taught herself to play guitar and ukulele, and took piano lessons for several years.  She also auditioned and was admitted to the Oakland School for the Arts High School, a high performing public charter school in Oakland California. During high school she was the youngest member selected for their top acapella musical group, Vocal Rush. They won many singing competitions against students much older than they were, and performed for many notable people, including California’s Govenor Jerry Brown, Nicolas Cage, Zendaya, and several others. She also appeared in lead roles for their annual high school musicals playing the parts of Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray and Javert in Les Miserables.  Haley graduated in 2018 from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Musical Theatre and a minor in Voiceover.

Haley has faced challenges in casting because of her weight and she has persevered and worked within her communities to address the issues of casting biases women deal with.  In college she co-hosted a Theatre of the Oppressed style workshop for fat actresses, and has continued to create and distribute original work. She has recently created the podcast Broadway Battles, a musical theatre show where Haley quizzes her friends on a musical they’ve never seen and they give their reactions and critiques. She is also determined to continue auditioning and building her performance resume, and will soon be seeking representation in the Denver area.

In addition to her performance work, Ms. Slamon is also an avid fiber artist and costumer. She has been knitting since age 7 and sells on consignment knit and crocheted works through Shop Columbia in Chicago, as well as doing commissions through her website. She has spent the past few years turning her skills in making theatre props into a passion for cosplay, and has recently started designing original costumes. All of this work is supported by her patrons on Patreon, and she is excited to attend brand new conventions and become an active part of the artist community in her new hometown. She is thankful for the support and opportunities she has had to pursue her dreams in many disciplines, and plans to continue to keep learning and evolving with her work.

           "How is it that Haley Slamon knows so much about music theater and music? It’s her exuberance and enthusiasm for all things musical and theatrical. One can immediately hear the enormous amount of care and joy she brings to singing. Her performances invariably create an aura of grace and magic in the venue. The sheer quantity of productions and concerts Haley attends also contribute mightily to her knowledge. She possesses a keen memory for character, plot, continuity, and style. Nearly encyclopedic. Besides being a marvelous performer, Haley excels at directing and producing with an astute attention to detail and a resourcefulness required to bring people together. If I have any questions about repertoire, I ask her. Everyone can rely on her expertise and commitment to creating great musical art!” - Lon Ellenberger (Vocal Artist in Residence - Emeritus, Rockefeller Chapel U of C)

         "Haley Slamon has been a wonderful student in my Voiceover 1 class. I don't say this about many students, but I feel she is quite ready to embark on a voiceover career. She is confident in her abilities and has a beautiful instrument that she knows how to use! She was always prepared, highly enthusiastic and engaged.  Her work was always thoughtful and well executed. She would be an asset to any voiceover talent roster!" - Deb Doetzer (Columbia College Chicago. "Watch_d0gs", "Injustice: Gods Among Us")

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